August 19, 2007

Week of Feminine Dress Sunday

I got a good picture today. I am wearing an aqua- sea green stretchy blouse, bought at Cato. It's a style similar to Friday's shirt. My skirt is also from Cato, is a side zipping A-line skirt that hits just below the knees. The fabric is very light- there's a built in slip- and I like the interesting polka dots. I have makeup and jewelry today, yea! My hair looks the same, but I used tiny claw clips all over my head, mostly because I couldn't find the big one. I did my hair like that a lot when it was very short and growing out- not recommended.

Since I didn't get a post up for Saturday, I may try to get one tomorrow since it was supposed to be a full week. We'll see...this is the last week of me traveling back and forth for speech therapy, yea! Then vacation!! Yea!!! Then school starts for both my girls. Then comes the Biblical isn't boring around here :)

**Edited to add- after doing this week of feminine dress, I have to say my self image has improved. I don't look near as bad as I thought I did. And it actually appears that somehow I've lost inches because I look much trimmer than before. Thanks for all the nice comments and I hope it's been helpful and enjoyable.


Meredith said...

That looks cute and cool for summer!

I'm just discovering your blog and look forward to exploring it.

Anneatheart said...

Hi Meredith,

Welcome to the blog and thanks for your comments. I hope you enjoy your stay, ha,ha ;)

liz said...

You look lovely! A picture of feminity.