August 26, 2007

My Husband's Response to my anonymous comment

In response to Anonymous' comment: My wife (anneatheart) and girls are the greatest blessings God has given me. If anyone is dependent, it's me. I have a college degree and work hard to be what God has created me for. To first Love my God and listen and obey him, Love my wife and children and be the provider and protector of my family. Take that away from a man and you strip him of his masculinity. But I am dependent on my wife. She is the blood and life of our household. she keeps our home running when things get tough. She takes care of our children in sickness and in health, works hard with her hands, mind and soul to make our dwellings pleasant, clean and a great place we can call home. Overall I would say she has the profession that takes more than a few years of schooling to learn. She's been working on her "degree" for over 6 years now and has been getting better at it every day. My girls are not poor, but rather the richest little ladies I know of. My beautiful wife is teaching, no showing them from her life how to learn, behave, respect and love their peers, parents and most importantly their awesome God. She is teaching them the knowledge and principles of a loving God and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray that my girls will grow up to be just like their sweet mother, dependent on a loving Godly husband, who also depends on them. That is how God designed it. For a man and woman to come together for life, depending on each other and God in the roles God has given them. God is the head of the church, who the husbands can and need to depend on. In the same manner husbands are the head of the homes, who the wives should be able depend on. Again the parents are the head of the family in which the children depend on. EVERYONE depends and yields to someone. IF you don't believe me, don't yield to your boss and see how long you last. If a job has to have this sort of hierarchy, how much more the home to be successful.


Anneatheart said...

My husband has no idea how much this post touched me. He always says he can't write anything, but once he gets on a role he's good! I thought it was too good to leave in the comments section, so I put it up front.

ML said...

Here Here!
Well put!

What a very lovely thing to say. What you describe is just the way good wifes and good husbands should be.

(Sorry if I sent this twice)

manda said...

well said, um.. husband. :) I am so glad that you and Jess found each other. You earned major brownie points in my book for that response. And it's nice to know that Jess depends on, and is depended on by a man who deserves, loves, respects, and honors her. I'm proud to call you my friend.