August 8, 2007

Wow I've been posting a lot. Obviously my duties are less since I've been dealing with a sick child, which hasn't turned out to be so bad. She keeps feeling better, then wanting to eat, then starts running and jumping, then upchucks- repeat. No matter what I say, she still wants to eat.

Just thought I'd ask for some suggestions. I have decided to decorate the older two girls' room. I didn't intend to, but then they tore a large chunk of the border off the wall, so it has to come off. Might as well do something cute in there.

What I have to work with: they have toddler beds, a side table, a 6 drawer dresser with a pretty mirror, and a tall skinny chest of drawers. There's a large window on the main wall where the beds are, and a smaller one to the right. (on a separate wall)

Ideas- They love Princess and Tea Party anything. Alexa loves Little Mermaid. I wasn't planning to do a theme, but it would be a lot cuter. They also love Little Bear, and my husband and I had discussed painting a mural of Little Bear and his friends. (we're both fairly skilled at art and I've done one at church before) I also like Beatrix Potter. Whatever we do, I think a mural would be fun. If princess, then I would have to do a tulle canopy of some sort somewhere in the room :)

Anyways, if anyone has any tips or ideas I welcome them. Meanwhile I be at searching for inspiration. (did I mention this has to be low budget? Like $100-200)

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