August 22, 2007

We're DONE!

Wow, I am SOOOOOO glad we are done with speech therapy. After two months of driving back and forth with kids in tow, it was really starting to get to me. I also had to make another trip yesterday for Leiah's eye doctor appointment, which turned out well. Her right eye doesn't seem to be crossing in at this point, so we will continue with wearing glasses and will also have a more in depth testing of her vision in the coming months.

I am glad to get back into a more normal schedule, however it won't be normal at first. Next Tuesday we are leaving for Galveston for a much needed vacation. After Labor Day, Leiah will start back to school, which is an all day preschool for special needs children. Alexa, my three year old, will also start preschool at a Baptist church just down the road. I have debated on this for awhile, but I think she will have a blast and the curriculum is very much centered on the Word of God. Plus, it's only$75 a month, for three mornings a week. This is a great deal compared to most places. I'm excited to see what she soaks up at school.

So, I will just have little Sarah for a good part of my days. She is so sweet and compliant- I can actually do things like sew and organize with just her. I could probably even paint if I put her in the playpen. (I'm planning to decorate the girls' rooms soon) This will be an adjustment.

After school starts, I will be crunching it to get ready for the Biblical Feast I'm doing for our church. I've got some bread in the freezer and the stock made for the soup, and tomorrow I will be making the soup and freezing it along with as much bread as I can make. (natural sourdough bread and challah)

Then, after all that, things will be boring and we can settle into the rhythm of life with school again. Well I wouldn't say boring...

And hopefully by then, glorious fall, my favorite season will be here! Yay cooler weather!

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