August 14, 2007

Day 2 Dressing Femininely

Good morning, bright and early :) Today I am wearing a handmade 'practice' dress that my grandmother made for me out of fabric and notions she already had and also all from Wal-Mart. We were trying out a pattern. I usually wear it at home. I believe it's all cotton and is a pull-over dress- nice and easy. No shoes this morning :) I have included a close up of my hair- too.

And here are the girls. They're dresses are stretchy knits bought from Wal-Mart by their grandmother. Sarah's used to be a dress, but she's grown up so much, it's a shirt. She is wearing some pantalettes I made for the other two. I just used white muslin with a bit of lace. They've been through a lot!
Today's agenda- Tuesday is my laundry day until after summer, so I will be washing, folding, ironing and all that. I will also be making a gallon or so of chicken stock for a lentil soup I'm making for the church Biblical Feast. It will go in the freezer till I finish making the soup. I may make some challah bread too...just depends on how much I get done today.


*MichiganMomma* said...

I'm very inspired to see your week-in-feminine-dress!! I know lots of people have done this before, but I think I'm going to give it a shot again (next week). It will help me to stay on track as well.

So thanks for posting ~ you look lovely, as do your girls. I'm also working on getting my Binder up and running again....this is all such a growth process, eh??

I'll keep checking back ~ God Bless~

sarah said...

I think you look nice in this dress- your hair is too cute! Also, why does your house always seem so clean and neat? I'm constantly picking up and it never looks as neat and picked up as yours. I have three very busy boys! Their ages are- 5, 3 and 10 months! They never stop moving! Lol! Anyway nice to meet you. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Anneatheart said...

Lori you sound like a yooper! LOL- my husband is from Upper Michigan and the say 'eh' a lot.

Sarah- my house looks neat because it's EARLY! The area by the stove isn't where they play, er well they aren't supposed to be over there, I have to get onto Sarah about it a lot! My girls are 4.5, 3.5 and 17 months, so I'm there with ya. We have blocks and crayons and papers scattered on the floor at this point.

prayzgod said...

I like that blue dress!!! It's awesome. :-)

I'm excited that you're doing a week in feminine dress. It's been a few years since I've done one, and I've been wanting to again soon.

Hard drive space is what's stopping me. :-? I have to do some serious computer maintenance before I can upload anymore digital pics. :-\