August 10, 2007

Update on cloth diapers

I received my cloth diaper order on Monday. I washed and lined dry my flats and toddler prefolds and started trying them out. I really like using pins. They're the good quality dritz metal head pins and if you run them through your hair or stick them in a bar of soap, they glide through the prefolds.

The flats however...I can't seem to get a good fit, and they aren't too absorbent. I'll keep working on those- however if they aren't working out at all I'll sew them into prefolds. I also got some flushable diaper liners. These are terrible. They are so thin and delicate and bunch up in the diaper. I have yet to use them successfully - as far as them containing anything. I plan to try some other kind when I order another wool cover.

I am loving my wool. I've had two Aristocrats brand large wool covers since I started cloth with my other two. They work so well. Last year I dyed them with kool-aid- a pink and a purple. They work so well with soaking up the wetness and not letting it wick out onto clothes/bedding.

I decided not to try and sew the trainers for my daughter. I just don't have time right now. I am thinking of trying a few of the ones on the Snap-EZ website.
They are pricey, but I only need a few for night time and the weekend. I can buy them gradually.

In other news, I get to buy a dryer this weekend!!!! Yippeee!!! But, I probably won't get it until unless we take it home ourselves. It wouldn't be such a big deal ordinarily, but with me being away during the day and the weather being unpredictable, and after having company with several sets of sheets to wash yet, this just isn't working well at all.

Well, that's all for today. We have speech today since we had company Monday, and I need to catch up on my house cleaning. Hopefully I will have more interesting things to read on here soon.


Thirdtimemomma said...

Have you checked out gumbush (dot com i think) website for flat folds? And you might need to use two flats at a time for extra absorbancy. :) I dont use flats so I dont know. Let me know how the snap-ez trainers work, I want to get some of those or some Impse Vimse for Ben ;)


prayzgod said...

Have you tried Chinese Prefolds? I use the Fuzzi Bunz you gave me, and I also use Chinese Prefolds - they're great. When baby girl outgrows the Fuzzi Bunz I'll go to just prefolds, since it's quite affordable. :-)

The premium short CP diapers sold at are fabulous. It you fold one of those into thirds (no pins needed) and stick a hemp doubler on top of that, then stick it inside a Bummis Whisper wrap, it works great. Doing things I can make a cloth diaper soak up more than any disposables ever did for me.

Thank you for helping me get into cloth diapering. I really do love it. :-D

I showed two friends the Fuzzi Bunz you gave me, and they both are turned on to cloth diaper now as well.

Anneatheart said...

Hey Candy-

Actually I also ordered toddler sized prefolds too. They were the bulk of my stash with Leiah and Alexa and they are working great. The flats were just for extras...