August 8, 2007


Alexa has a stomach virus today. This my all time worst fear- I hate getting sick with that! Thankfully, all last week I read a book about Psalm 91 and the hedge of protection against these things from God, and so I'm walking in the peace that He is with us, doesn't want us ill, and believing that the rest of us will stay well.

I'm also upping everyone's probiotic intake as well :) Poor baby, she definitely feels bad, but has only thrown 4-5 times in 3 hours, so it seems to be mild. Thank you Jesus :)

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Valerie said...

Poor thing :( Those are the worst kind of illnesses. You just feel awful. We'll pray for her!
I read your last post, and it sounded like so much fun! My hubby plays video games the exact same way with our kiddos :P
BTW I don't really remember how I found your blog...I was just poking around on other homemaking blogs and I saw yours. And I'm glad :D
Take care!