August 7, 2007

Things are better..

I know I sent sort of an alarming post today. I had all those thoughts rolling around in my head, and to just write them down wouldn't have been enough. I needed someone else to hear them I guess. Afterwards my girls woke up from their naps and wanted to play in their pool. Leiah, my oldest prefers to swim in regular clothes, so I left her shirt on and just put panties on the bottom. (instead of stripping down and putting on the whole swimsuit) Well, things were going well, until she sat on the patio and pooped. She isn't potty trained, and doesn't seem to care, and for some reason I freaked. I mean, if you've watched the Chevy Chase Vacation movies you know he freaks out- that's what happened. I don't know why.

Afterwards, I apologized to the girls for acting so ungodly- it's so not my nature at all. I guess I'm more stressed than usual. Things went very well from then on. I made them a 'tent' to play in, they watched some of their shows, I tidied a bit and made dinner, then after we ate we went to our neighbor's house to meet the other neighbors for some thing that's going on in our town. They listened to me well, were polite to others, and ate lots of cookies and ice cream. Did I mention we were outside sweating like pigs and getting eaten by mosquitoes?

We came home, they played for awhile, we put the baby to bed and let the older two 'play video games', meaning Daddy was actually playing but let them hold the controller so they thought they were doing it. I cleaned up some more and hung out some more laundry (yeah at 8pm). Then me and the girls curled up in the recliner with my favorite 20 year old comforter and my favorite Golden books. They took vitamins, got a drink, brushed teeth and hit the sack. They were all happy and loved and ready for their beds.

My living room floor has pillows and blankets and shoes and game controllers and various items strewn across it- don't care. My kitchen is clean! I feel a lot better about things now, and as someone gave me some good advice, take it one day at a time and don't try to overschedule.

Thanks for reading! Time to go hang some more laundry...(indoors)


Thirdtimemomma said...

Im glad. :) I was praying for you. I love the poem about "babies dont keep" have you heard it? I have to remember that sometimes. :) My favorite thing to say is that I reserve the right to throw out my binder, for a day, whenever I want, that is why I am MOM! :)

ON DD and PTing. I have no real advice. My son (now 4) didnt PT forever! My theory is diapers until they decide to potty. Then when they are ready I make them clean some portion of thier mess. Like help or whatever she can handle. Not advice really just what worked for me. :)

Michelle said...

I really admire your honesty.